Business Insurance

Starting and running a successful business in today’s economy is challenging enough, and every type of business counts on expert advice. Whether it is from the manufacturers of the products you sell, experienced providers of the services you offer, or tax and legal professionals to make sure you are following all the rules and taking advantage of all the ‘loopholes’… is cheaper to learn from ‘other people‘s experience’ than to make your own mistakes.

What If . . .

. . . a partner or key employee dies or becomes disabled?
. . . a fire in a neighboring business forces you to close YOUR doors for weeks?
. . . an employee is accused of a crime by a customer?
. . . a major change in health insurance regulations is passed?

How much of the potential cost of a negative event are you willing and able to risk?

Without insurance for that particular risk, you are accepting 100% of the liability. With a plan that is insuring the highest portion of the risk allowed by law, you may be dealing with premiums that are simply beyond logic or reason.

Balance is the key

Deciding on a protection package that provides the right components of liability, casualty, health, life, and disability coverage to address your concerns at a cost that fits the budget is another area where ‘other people’s experience’ can be a tremendous help.

The Lorraine Y. Chavez Insurance Agency brings a team to your table to help you sort through the options, make the best selections for your needs TODAY… and make sure that your plans grow with your business and adjust to changes in the business and regulatory environment for years to come.

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